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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas are open to the public?
A: At this time, the Gibraltar Bay Unit is open daily, dawn to dusk. The Humbug Marsh Unit is currently open only during announced events.

Q. Why is the Humbug Marsh Unit not open to the public?
A. Humbug Marsh is currently open during announced events only until the visitor center construction is completed.

Q. How big is Humbug Marsh?
A. The Humbug Marsh consists of 410 acres and stretches to the Humbug Marina. The Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge (DRIWR) contains over 5,600 acres of land.

Q. Where are the trails?
A: All trails have color markers. There are two trails in the Humbug Marsh Unit - an Orange trail and a Green trail:
Orange Trail: ½ mile in length ~ a shorter walking trail, fully accessible. Wide, gravel & wood chipped trail. Scenery includes river observation deck and education shelter
Green Trail: 1.2 miles in length ~ rustic trail out to the Oak-Hickory Forest. Narrow, dirt path. Scenery includes marsh observation deck and oak trees which are approximately 300 years old.

Q. Who owns Humbug Marsh?
A. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, owns the unit. It became a part of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge in 2004.

Q. What are upcoming events/activities?
A. The unit has Open Houses at least once a month with Volunteer days and Interpretive walks/events often hosted monthly. Please check this site's "News" page for current events.

Q. What animals are found here?
A. Deer, mink, a variety of bird species from yellow warblers to great blue herons and osprey, a variety of turtles, frogs and raccoons.
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