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International Wildlife Refuge Alliance Legacy Endowment

The primary purpose of the endowment is operate, maintain, and program the Visitor Center, Refuge Gateway, and Humbug Marsh Unit as part of a commitment to provide a quality public use and conservation experience.  
Considerable funds are needed to operate, maintain, and program the Visitor Center, boat dock and fishing pier, trails, environmental education shelter, etc. with quality.  This includes cleaning, utilities, snow removal, grass cutting and native plant maintenance, repairs (as needed), quality programming, etc.  Our goal it to provide an exceptional conservation and outdoor recreational experience that inspires the next generation of conservationists.  
This endowment also helps protect our initial investment (land acquisition, restoration work, the building) and ensures a long-term mechanism to operate, maintain, and program these facilities and habitats with quality.  The secondary purpose of the endowment is to help operate, maintain, and program other units of the refuge.
The philosophy is that we don't have the necessary resources to do everything everywhere.  Therefore, priorities must be set.  It is our priority to consistently provide a quality conservation and outdoor recreational experience at the Refuge Gateway and Humbug Marsh Unit and the endowment will manifest our commitment to making this a priority.  
Education Programming
·         In coordination with OAC, Belle Isle for ½ day visits
               Transportation expense (bus stipend), equipment purchases
·         Partner Teachers / Partnership Schools
·         Working with other Partners, i.e. HCMA, UMD, WCCCD, tribal community, etc.
Visitor Center Needs
·         Exhibit Replacement Reserve
·         Volunteer Coordinator
·         Seasonal Interns
·         Cleaning Contract
Refuge Needs
               Project needs as defined by the annual work plan
·         Trail Maintenance
·         Road Maintenance
·         Maintenance Assistant
Refuge Gateway Amenities
·         Restroom Facility near Fishing Pier
·         Picnic Tables, benches
·         Site Security
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